Simulator Evaluation Course


Qantas is offering a Flight Simulation Evaluation Course for people interested in performing Flight Simulator Evaluations required by CASR Part 60 or increasing their knowledge to meet industry demands. The course meets the requirements of the Australian CASR Part 60 (Synthetic Training Devices) and is aligned with the latest ICAO standard.

Target Audience

This course is suitable for aviation industry (Civil and Defence) individuals who wish to become familiar and involved with Training Device initial and Recurrent Evaluations.

Course Outline

The 5 day course involves an integrated learning experience of face to face classroom activities combined with practical tuition on a variety of our flight simulators, covering a range of simulator technologies. The course is conducted by experts in the field and provides exposure to our extensive training resources.

The course has been approved by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) as a requirement to being part of an Evaluation Team, for both Initial and Recurrent Evaluations. and provides the prerequisite to becoming an Evaluation Team Leader acting on behalf of CASA.

Course Topics

The course covers such topics as:

  • Regulatory and guidance with coverage of both Australia's CASR Part 60 and the latest International standard (ICAO).
  • History and development of simulation
  • Sensory perception
  • Visual Systems (CRT and LCoS)
  • Motion Systems (Hydraulic and Electric)
  • Functions and Subjective Testing
  • Validation Testing and Assessment
  • Preparing and conducting Recurrent Evaluations
  • Conducting Initial Evaluations
  • Interim qualifications for aircraft types
  • Operator testing

Students are provided with all necessary support material and practical experience in a variety of Flight Training Devices from a number of Manufacturers.

Student numbers are limited to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

Security Clearance

Students will be subject to security checks arranged by Qantas on receipt of the application to attend the course. These checks may involve the passing of personal information of the attendee to the Commonwealth Government.

Course Location

The course is conducted at the Qantas Flight Training Centre:

Building S148, Qantas Jet Base, Mascot, Sydney, NSW 2020.