Aviation Safety Training

Emergency procedures

Qantas Flight Training trains pilots and cabin crew to handle emergency situations in both wide and narrow-bodied aircraft.

Full-scale cabin mock-ups are used as our main practical training devices. Within these, emergency situations are accurately portrayed. Tuition covers the control and operation of emergency exits and the evacuation of passengers.

Our large indoor pools host realistic training for ditching emergencies. Water evacuations incorporating various types of slide rafts and survival equipment are rehearsed. Practical tuition including fire fighting, medical emergencies, dangerous goods practices and security-related procedures can also be arranged.

Human Factors Training

Within the aviation industry it is well established that lapses in human performance underlay the majority of incidents and accidents. To improve safety, the Qantas Group has embraced human factors courses to modify autonomous behaviour and attitudes by improving problem solving skills using communication, leadership, decision making and teamwork.

Qantas Flight Training runs these courses throughout the year at all of our flight training locations and will bring the training to the Customer Airline location if required. In addition, QFT can provide instruction in the skills necessary for Human Factors instruction (Train the Trainer).

eLearning and Multimedia

Qantas Flight Training is committed to creating learning opportunities for all crew. Our own curriculum development and media production units enable us to respond to customer requirements immediately with targeted, quality e-learning and course guides for the instructor.